About Me

For obvious reasons, I’m not emblazoning my name on the front of this page.

However, I will tell you a little bit about me. I went to a first tier law school, and one that was pretty decently high in the rankings (although I have watched it fall a handful of slots recently, and rightfully so in my opinion). I wasn’t the top of the class but I definitely wasn’t the bottom either. I was an editor of a law journal and was published while also maintaining a constant and substantial legal internship throughout law school. In short, I did everything possible that you are supposed to do as a law student.

Once I left law school I had a fellowship, passed several state bars (in the misguided effort to appear more marketable) and continue to attain seemingly worthless legal certifications in the vain attempt to appeal to employers.

Edit: I hadn’t updated this page in years… but most of posts on the blog speak for themselves. I ended up with gainful employment, nowhere near the jobs I had intended or expected. Predominantly in the litigation spectrum, which turned out to be nearly without fail, half-crazy. But argument exists the problem is more widespread considering so very many of the interactions I’ve had in the industry. The blog itself focuses on the legal world, but there is more than enough in here to question whether this is limited to the legal profession alone, or whether this is more a general issue across the board regarding work reform.