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05/07/2019 – Program to Relieve Student Debt Proves Unforgiving – Wall Street Journal

12/14/2018 – The 2018-19 Bottom 10 Law Schools – The Faculty Lounge

09/01/2018 – The Incredible, Rage-Inducing Inside Story of America’s Student Debt Machine – Mother Jones

05/04/2018 – Public Servants Do Get Student Loan Forgiveness. Meet One of the First. NYT

07/17/2017 – As Paperwork Goes Missing, Private Student Loan Debts May Be Wiped Away – NYT

07/15/2017 – The Lawyer, The Addict – NYT

06/13/2017 – The Law School Brain Drain Continues to Wreak Havoc – ATL

06/12/2017 – Fewer Law School Applicants in Line for Upcoming School Year –

07/11/2016 – ‘I’m A Student-Debt Slave.’ How’d We Get Here? – NPR

06/27/2016 – ABA May Be Stripped Of Power To Accredit New Law Schools – ABL – Good… about time someone stopped the fools from continuing to blithely flush the industry down the toilet.

04/04/2016 – ITT Tech Sued for Deceiving Students About its Computer Network Systems Program and Success in Finding Jobs – – read this and try to figure out how this is different from law schools. It literally is the argument used in the suits against law schools, yet apparently they only pursue it against the less profitable degree mills.

01/13/2016 – I’m a Lawyer. I Hate It. What Now? – Slate

01/08/2016 – Study: Future Lawyers Are Hiding Depression and Drug and Alcohol Use – Bloomberg Business

01/04/2016 – The End of Lawyers? Not So Fast. – NYT

12/11/2015 – Who’s Profiting From $1.2 Trillion of Federal Student Loans? – Bloomberg

09/13/2015 – Gaps in Earnings Stand Out in Release of College Data – NYT

08/25/2015 – How Are Lawyers Managing Their Law School Debt? Most Will Never Be Able To Pay It Off – ABL

08/22/2015 – 7 Million People Haven’t Made A Single Student Loan Payment In At Least A Year – Zerohedge (The blog is a bit on the fringe, but the numbers are enlightening if even partially true)

08/20/2015 – Are Lawyers Getting Dumber? – Bloomberg Business

07/07/2015 – Second Circuit Takes Firm Stance On Educational Value Of Being Poor – ATL

06/08/2015 – Plan to forgive for-profit college loans could cost taxpayers billions – Miami Herald -Notable for a few very interesting reasons… #1. The new loan-forgiveness process revolves around a long-overlooked provision of federal law that lets borrowers ask for a clean slate if their school is guilty of misconduct. #2. …is accused by the federal government of falsifying its job placement rates, [and] misleading students…       That’s right… misconduct is lying about job placement rates, I can literally hear the countdown clock until law schools start being sued for loan forgiveness.

06/02/2015 – Why the “cool factor” won’t lure college grads to your city – OSU

05/19/2015 – The Economy Is Still Terrible for Young People – The Atlantic

04/26/2015 – Burdened With Debt, Law School Graduates Struggle in Job Market – New York Times

03/30/2015 – A revolt is growing as more people refuse to pay back student loans – Washington Post

03/19/2015 – Study of Class of 2010 Raises ‘Troubling Questions’ About Legal Profession – WSJ  (SSRN paper)

03/09/2015 – Law schools are in a death spiral. Maybe now they’ll finally change – Washington Post

02/20/2015 – Law school costs no longer worth it for most students – Pipedeam – Article is good, but conclusion is insane. The reading law / apprenticeship (sans law school) model exists in a few Western states (California as the main example) and it is a horribly failed concept for a myriad of reasons.

02/19/2015 – Americans are having more trouble paying off their student debt than their houses – Washington Post

02/11/2015 – Why Following Generic Job Search Advice Is Not Enough – ATL (I try not to post too much from them, but this is on point)

02/10/2015 – Unemployment ‘a cause of 45,000 suicides each year’ – The Lancet Psychiatry

01/12/2015 – Obama: Ban selling student data, targeted advertising in school – Fast Company

01/02/2015 – Legal Consulting Firm Believes AI Could Replace Lawyers by 2030 – Hacked

12/17/2014 – A steep slide in law school enrollment accelerates – NYT

12/16/2014 – Unemployed? You shouldn’t take just any job – Washington Post

12/08/2014 – Payback’s a Bitch – The Chronicle of Higher Education

12/03/2014 – The Incredible Shrinking Incomes of Young Americans – Atlantic

12/03/2014 – Your Lawyer May Soon Be an Algorithm – Vice

12/01/2014 – A Mortgaged Career – California Lawyer

11/16/2014 – Projected Lawyer Surpluses Worsen: 3 New Lawyers for Every Law Job in 2022 – TaxProf Blog – (fuck… )

11/12/2014 – Inequality, student debt and millennials – The Hill

11/07/2014 – When Bar score plummet, Who will examine the examiners? ABL

08/19/2014 – Law School Begins: Here’s A Message to the New Crop of 1L’s – Forbes

07/30/2014 – TED Radio Hour: Charlie Hoehn – NPR

(I like the concept, but it is advice from a college grad, and it doesn’t translate well to professions with liability issues such as lawyers. But very worthwhile talk relating to the downturn.)

07/02/2014 – What Happens When You Lose The Law School Lottery – ABL

06/24/2014 – Why networking doesn’t work – MIT News || The Strength of the Strongest Ties in Collaborative Problem Solving – Nature

05/31/2014 – Shrinking applicant pool has law schools competing to cut costs – Houston Chronicle

05/23/2014 – Scalia’s Remarks on Law School Renew Legal Education Debate  – National Law Journal

05/19/2014 – What’s Your Major? 4 Decades Of College Degrees, In 1 Graph – NPR

05/16/2014 – Scalia: Law Schools Are Charging Students and Paying Professors Too Much – WSJ

05/14/2014 – “You Can Do Anything With a Law Degree” That’s what everyone says. Turns out everyone’s wrong. – Slate

05/09/2014 – Bail out law schools – but with strings attached – Boston Globe (note the end of the article saying students in law school are still fucked… but here’s how we can make law school academically better? Focus on jobs you twat, that will make more people show up.)

04/16/2014 – Joblessness not due to skills gap, experts say – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

03/08/2014 – College Grads Taking Low-Wage Jobs Displace Less Educated – Bloomberg

01/??/2014 – Under Contract – temporary attorneys encounter no-frills assignments, workspaces – Washington Lawyer

01/03/2014 – Here’s Exactly How Much the Government Would Have to Spend to Make Public College Tuition-Free – The Atlantic

12/27/2013 – I Didn’t Really Know How Screwed I Was Until I Was Almost Done With Law School – Business Insider

12/18/2013 – Law Schools See Drop In First-Year Students – NPR (they act like this is surprising news… I love the ABA’s retarded response)

12/14/2013 – I Consider Law School A Waste Of My Life And An Extraordinary Waste Of Money – Business Insider     (amen)

11/24/2013 – The real reason law schools are raking in cash  – Salon

11/14/2013 – ABL – Income Inequality of Law Grads – ’nuff said

11/03/2013 – Surviving the post-employment economy – Al Jazeera

10/30/2013 – As Interest Fades in the Humanities, Colleges Worry – NYT

09/20/2013 – Law school grad learns how to pay off a heavy debt – LA Times

09/03/2013 – Universities should educate – employers should train – The Globe and Mail (reddit post related to article)

08/27/2013 – Obama thinks law school should be two years. The British think it should be one – Washington Post Blog

08/26/2013 – 2 Years for Law School? – Inside Higher Ed

08/15/2013 – Ripping Off Young America: The College-Loan Scandal – Rolling Stone

08/15/2013 – Legal Job Market Is So Bad, It’s Good, Says New PaperSSRN – WSJ Law Blog

07/21/2013 – The Last Days of Big Law: You can’t imagine the terror when the money dries up – New Republic

05/17/2013 – Obama Student Loan Policy Under Scrutiny As Congress Tackles Student Borrowing Costs – Huffington Post (Department of Education to make $51 billion profit off student loan interest this year; more than Exxon Mobil… nice)

05/17/2013 – Dear Class of ’13: You’ve been scammed – Marketwatch

04/09/2013 – The Jobs Crisis at Our Best Law Schools Is Much, Much Worse Than You Think – The Atlantic

04/04/2013 – More than 50% of Graduates Aren’t Making a Living – WSJ

04/02/2013 – The Real Problem With Law Schools – They train too many lawyers – Slate (probably the best article explaining the problem so far)

03/27/2013 – Why a BA is Now a Ticket to A Job in a Coffee Shop – The Daily Beast

03/11/2013 Just How Bad Off Are Law School Graduates?  – Time

03/08/2013 – The Economics of Legal Education: A concern of Colleagues – Open Letter to the ABA

03/07/2013 – To Place Graduates, Law Schools Are Opening Firms – NYT

03/01/2013 – Price and Perils of JD: Is Law School Worth It? – The DC Bar Association (spoiler.. it’s not)

02/19/2013 – Restore Bankruptcy Protection to Student Loans – The Irascible Professor (blog)

02/12/2013 – National Jurist in Competition to Displace Thomas Cooley Rankings as Biggest Joke in Legal Academia – Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports (blog)

02/04/2013 – Student loans: The next housing bubble – Slate

02/04/2013 – Law School Appliactions Crater 38% since ’10 – NYP

02/03/2013 – What Caused the Law School Bubble – Business Insider

01/31/2013 – Crop of New Law Schools Opens amid a Lawyer Glut – WSJ

01/30/2013 – Law Schools’ Applications Fall as Costs Rise and Jobs Are Cut – NYT

01/24/2013 – Going to Law School was the Biggest Mistake of My life – Business Insider

01/15/2013 – If you can’t get into a top-five MBA program, don’t even bother – Quartz

01/06/2013 – For Newly Minted MBAs, a smaller paycheck awaits – WSJ

01/02/2013 – A Message to Aspiring Lawyers: Caveat Emptor – WSJ

12/18/2012 – Does Law School Have a Future? – CNN Money

11/25/2012 – The Fake Skills Shortage – NY Times

11/21/2012 – A judge searches for free labor –

11/20/2012 – Skills don’t pay the bills – NY Times

11/11/2012 – Three Million Open Jobs in the US, But Who’s Qualified? – CBS / 60 Minutes

10/31/2012 – Will Law Students Have Jobs After They Graduate – Washington Post

10/24/2012 – Law School Falsified Jobs Data – WSJ

09/24/2012 – Economics of Law School – NY Times

09/24/2012 – The Perils of Law School – Daily Beast

09/18/2012 – Coming: 50,000 unemployed lawyers? – The Form Tool

07/14/2012 – An Existential Crisis for Law Schools – NY Times

06/25/2012 – Law Grads face Brutal job market – WSJ

06/14/2012 – Law Schools Cut Class Sizes after Applicants Wise Up – FindLaw

06/06/2012 – 10 Things Law Schools Won’t Tell You: why the Juris Doctor isn’t what it used to be – SmartMoney

04/26/2012 – Law Grads: Lots of Debt, Few jobs – Columbus Dispatch

01/01/2012 – The Law School Bubble: How Long Will It Last if Law Grads Can’t Pay Bills? – ABA Journal

09/30/2011 – In tough job market, Law grads use JDs for Nonlegal Work – US News

05/10/2011 – Survey: 85% of New College Grads Move Back in with Mom and Dad  – Time

04/25/2011 – Served : how law schools completely misrepresent their job numbers – The New Republic

Senate report on For-Profit (online) ‘universities’... maybe we should have one of these for Law Schools?

09/21/2009 – The Real Problem With The Economy Is That It Doesn’t Need You Anymore Read more – Business Insider – I recently found this… and it struck a chord. From before I ever started this blog, but seems fitting here.