Law Blogs

Herein are some other Law Blogs worth visiting:

The People’s Therapist – Lawyer turned psychotherapist for lawyers. I feel like this would be my personal hell, but he enjoys it. Very intimate and intelligent view of the legal profession.

Leave Law Behind – It’s sorta telling that there are what amount to support groups centered around helping lawyers get the hell out of their ill chosen profession. What other professions can you think of with the same?

The Faculty Lounge – Legal Academic Ramblings and insider information  on hiring and firings at law schools.

Law School Cafe – a nice fact driven site related to legal education. A long time ago I contacted Merritt to tell her one of her papers was badly researched (relating to unemployment after law school specifically in my state and my graduating class) and suggested a better model / method. She said it would have taken too much time to do what I had suggested, so take her numbers with a grain of salt because academic research is hard and apparently she doesn’t invest “too much time”.

Law School Truth Center – seems pretty similar, damn near started at the same time as me too…

TaxProf Blog – Pretty self explanatory. Vacillates between Tax Law and general Legal Field news.

Popehat – Legal news and rumors of the day, sort of like a more intelligent version of Above the Law

Law School Transparency – NonProfit calling for change of publicly available law school information; Also, importantly, check here for their school score reports LST Score Reports.

ESQ Never – required reading for anyone with any passing fancy to a legal career.

Inside the Law School Scam – probably one of the best and most honest collections of information on how and why law schools are ripping you off.

Outside the Law School Scam – Continuing coverage

Law School Truth Center – pretty self explanatory

Outside Lies Magic – Jesus christ, its like a fucking mirror.  Specifically read this post… everyone should minimally read this post.

Third Tier Reality – A vitriolic review of the bottom half+ of the US News Law School Rankings and often inside gossip on how the school is failing miserably.

Above The Law – If you didn’t read this in law school on a regular basis, you were oblivious.

Shit Law Jobs – It started as a list of some of the crappiest law jobs advertized on the web in an attempt to bring shame to the employers, and now employers actually submit directly to the Blog on purpose. It turns out there is no shame in law.

The Irreverent Lawyer – Pretty good blog about the state of the legal field in general; runs to the off-topic pretty frequently but that is part of its draw.