Minor follow-up to the Boiler Room interview. Today I got a weird follow up phone call. The last interview ended with them telling me they were going to get in touch with me within about 2 days, and then never did. The phone call started out normal enough.                (AH = Angry Headhunter)

AH: “Hey is this Azrael?”

Me: “Yes, speaking.”

AH: (in a very snarky tone) “Hi, this is Tracy with (Angry Headhunters Inc.) You were supposed to send me your resume through email a long time ago.”

Me: “Uhm.. what?”

AH: “You were supposed to send me a resume so I could setup an interview with you.”

Me: (pause…) “yeeeah… I already did both of those things.”

AH: “What?”

Me: “I already sent in a resume, and I showed up there and had an interview with you guys.”

AH: “WHAT!” (Tracy was now noticeably angry) “Who did you have an interview with?”

Me: “I don’t remember her name, but it was a black woman…”

AH: (cutting me off) “A tall black woman?”

Me: “Uhm. I guess so, but I am pretty tall so I don’t usually notice such..” <click> “Hello?….”

So apparently the place which didn’t seem to know where they put my resume, or have any idea I was showing up for the interview they scheduled; also forgot that I ever showed up. It sounded somewhat like someone was trying to steal clients within the headhunter group and there is some bitter infighting. But I am just guessing.

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