I love email

(I am not usually so hostile, in fact I usually really enjoy getting email from readers and I even send out replies… this one is an exception, what makes it even better is apparently they didn’t look to see if they were already mentioned here.)

Name Harrison Barnes

Email XXXX@bcgsearch.com

Subject Guest Columist Message

Hi-I love your site! Nice work! I would love to have you write for one of our properties (LawCrossing, JD Journal) if you are interested.       –Harrison


I can't tell you how many times BCG has told me to go fuck off. At least once, in as many words.

Please let me return the favor.

In the future you should consider that if you keep making enemies at the rate you seem to (based on innumerable conversations I've had with other attorneys at my career level) you shouldn't be surprised when your business disappears as we begin to move into more stable positions in companies and at firms.

Please find the advice you can take supra.

-- Azrael

2 thoughts on “I love email”

  1. Love this. I had a similar experience with a placement firm.

    When I first came out I applied to one of their positions. They actually scheduled me in for an interview with the recruiter, but before the interview the recruiter sent me an email stating my invitation had been a mistake and she thought it would be “a waste of time” to meet with me.

    Fast forward 7 years, when I had clawed my way up to a mid-sized firm. I got an email from the same recruiter about placing me with a larger regional firm. I had previously developed a very good relationship with the partners in the group that was looking to hire and discussed the situation to them. They had not retained the recruiter but apparently she had looked at our LinkedIn accounts and determined I knew a number of people in the group and thought she could make a quick commission.

    I wrote back asking her to explain why it was no longer a “waste of time” to meet with me. I actually attached the email as I had kept it as motivation. I also ccd my friends at the firm that were searching. My friends thought wrote separately advising her that they would not consider any canidates she submitted. She never responded, but it felt really good.

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