I really don’t care anymore…

Initially, as mentioned in the previous (not so recent) posts, I have a lot of content waiting in the wings. I was holding back on it because it is all about the place I am currently working.

As you might expect, it’s not usually a good thing to post negative information about your current job if you wish to keep it. Which brings me to this… I really don’t.

I don’t care anymore. I daydream about being fired. I can’t quite bring myself to quit. I am being paid decently, but the toll it is taking on me mentally is a price I hadn’t bargained for. So, without further delay, I am unleashing the floodgates and starting to put up the posts about my continued travels through the underworld of the legal profession.

3 thoughts on “I really don’t care anymore…”

  1. Welcome back! …And sorry to hear you feel that way about your current job. To daydream about being fired? The sad thing is, I once had a job which made me feel the same exact way. I wanted to get fired, but the jerks liked me too much, if you can believe that.

    1. I’ll eventually get to it, but the person who been working in my current position prior to my entrance into this job told me they were contemplating suicide because of it. Merely daydreaming about being fired is a damn sight better than that I suppose.

  2. Good to see you back, although not so good to see you working away at a place you previously described, more or less, as an ethical landmine waiting to blow.

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