Return from Vacation

So I’m putting the site back online. It’s been off mainly because I was being cautious. I think I should be good now though. In short, I gtfo from my previous employer. I was already halfway out the door on my last post but I had to make sure at the time I was free and clear from them. Shortly after I quit, so did the attorney I was working for. But when partner level attorneys quit, it becomes messy. In short, they were being forced out and they left the firm taking most of their clients with them, and then a flurry of lawsuits between the firm and the prior partner (which I’m not sure are ever going to be resolved) and I had been given the heads-up I might get roped in and deposed and possibly used as a witness in the inevitable courtroom drama.

I may still, these things take a long time. But I have distanced myself professionally and geographically from all the crazy so I think I don’t care much about what goes on with those people anymore. So I am back to posting my rantings about sub-par work environments and the vagaries of working in this industry.  And I’ve been in an all new job for the past year slowly racking up stories so I should have some decent material to work with.



minor update… I’m going to post a bunch of the stuff from the previous job and then move on to my current job.

3 thoughts on “Return from Vacation”

  1. Glad to see you posting again. These stories are endlessly interesting, and the inside look at legal employment is much appreciated.

  2. Heya! So good to see you back again! It really made my day when I saw that you returned.

    I can’t wait for more exciting stories! (But seriously, is your job security good or at least “OK” for now?)

    1. Ha! I actually am pretty secure now, oddly enough. I have entered the corporate world of law, wherein you might literally have to kill someone (and have multiple witnesses) in order to be fired. That being said, I traded one weird job environment for another. I really like the other attorneys I am working with now, but the corporation I am working for is… not great. The mismanagement where I am working now exists on an epic scale considering the size of the corporation. I guess the bigger the corporation, the bigger the ability to mismanage.

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